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PILA specialises in manufacturing commercial sports field goal posts and flagpoles. We work closely with government departments, governing bodies, stadium curators and leading sports field designers to offer a product range that is safe, compliant, durable and affordable. Our products are certified Australian Made, are built from high-quality components and meet relevant Australian Standards. PILA is an accredited Government supplier and is the long-standing exclusive official goal post partner of the AFL and Football (soccer) associations.



PILA is the long-standing, exclusive official goal post supplier to many of the largest sporting associations in Australia. PILA products have been chosen by most major stadiums and elite venues and our high-quality, commercial-grade products are 100% designed and Made in Australia. When you purchase a PILA product, your money stays in Australia and is re-invested into grassroots sport. You also benefit from the longest warranty on the market, a full range of parts with express shipping, and a team of industry experts to provide advice.


Goal post safety and compliance is the focus of PILA’s Australian Made product range. With many non-compliant imported goal posts for sale online, buyers often base their purchasing decision on the ‘cheap’ price tag without considering the liability risk they take by putting goals that are not built to mandatory Australian Standards on the pitch.

In addition, imported goal posts often only last 1 season before ending up in the bin, with hard-earned money wasted and no avenue for recourse as the product has a very short warranty and the overseas supplier is unwilling to assist. Why would they when they don’t have a vested interest in Australian sport? We hear this story on a weekly basis from people that are in the unfortunate position of having to replace near-new imported goals after such a short time.

When you purchase from PILA, you receive a 7-year warranty, a certificate of compliance and you are investing in high-quality equipment that meets FIFA, FA, NRL, ARU and Australian Standards. You can see our tried and tested products on local fields nationally and you can rely on the fact we are, by Australian law, required to manufacture safe, compliant products that are fit for purpose. And because we know you play hard week-in week-out, PILA goal posts are designed to stand up to punishment outside in the Australian elements, year-in year-out.

Don’t risk your investment buying products with no guarantees. Choose locally built products backed by a trusted Australian company. Contact us today for more information on high-quality, reliable, safe and compliant goal posts for your field.