Buy Australian Made. 

PILA is a Certified Australian Made manufacturer under License #5645; ensuring product quality is high and local families are employed. 

Why does PILA choose to manufacture in Australia?

We support local families! We employ Australians from all backgrounds. Our employees are your neighbours, friends and family. We all gain employment from Australian manufacturing.

We support the local economy! We spend primarily within our local community. From electricity and water to sub-contractors and suppliers, our purchasing supports fellow business owners.

We give back to our local community! We support a range of groups in their endeavours including sports teams, schools, not-for-profits and charities.

PILA - Australian Made
PILA - Australian Made
PILA - Australian Made

Understanding where products are manufactured, particularly within the field of sport and recreation, is paramount with regards to health and safety compliance.

We provide a safe, healthy and happy workplace! We comply with Australian OHS and employment legislation by providing an inclusive environment where our team earn a living wage.

Quality control! Quality Control! Need we say more?

We control our manufacturing process! From sourcing to manufacturing and assembly, to delivery and installation.