ANZAC Dawn Service. 

The uniformed officer, head bowed, before the half-masted flagpoles as the sun’s bright rays begin to creep across the horizon. 

The picture of the Dawn Service, flags at half-mast on flagpoles, is a powerful representation of Anzac Day.

Within its imagery are the symbols of a century-old story – the young anonymous soldier, so resplendent in his uniform, bowing in memory of lost comrades, of shadows, of heroes; the blush of dawn in remembrance of that fateful morning’s beach landing as the sun rose in a foreign and unknown land.

And the flag they fought and died under, the flag of the nation they served, the flag of the nation whose freedom endures thanks to their sacrifice.

Flagpoles on ANZAC Day - PILA Flagpoles
ANZAC Day Flagpoles - PILA Flagpoles
ANZAC Day Flagpoles - PILA Flagpoles

Each Anzac Day, we are all summoned to consider its significance and symbolism. It is not a glorification of war, but a tribute to those who served. It is a day in the history books, but more so a spirit that forged our national identity of courage, humour and mateship.
In the face of adversity, the Australian and New Zealand spirit triumphed.

As we come to this great national day let us remember and reflect. Let us pay tribute – the early morning gathering, the flag lowered to half-mast on the flagpole, the minute’s silence.

As the Last Post plays mournfully, let our spirits reawaken and join across the nation in unity – we are Australians, this is our history, woven through the fabric of time and distance and the many different faces that make our nation.

Let us strive to be worthy of those we honour.

Lest We Forget.