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DIY Installation

Our technical trades team are here to provide expert advice so you can be confident when installing and assembling your PILA product. We can guide you with site prepearation, are available for day-of-install advice and provide a full range of spares for long-term maintenance.

Install guides to assist you with every step

PILA products are designed to be self-installed by any qualified tradesperson, for example a builder, landscaper, turf or fencing company. Our experienced in-house trades team can provide further advice to you or your chosen installer as required.

Faciliy Guidelines

Requirements for the field of play.


Each sporting code has facility guidelines that define the requirements for the corresponding field of play. PILA’s products adhere to these guidelines and are manufactured to meet Australian Standards and other relevant compliance requirements.

Site Location

Wind regions & terrain categories.


Installation specifications can vary depending on the location of a site in Wind Region A, B, C or D. The soil type and condition is also taken into account when designing footings. Areas where the soil is sandy and free running or clay based will generally require a larger footing than a location where the soil loamy, gravelly and course.

PILA Australian Wind Regions ASNZS1170.2.201 R2016

Cost Effective Installation

Quick, easy & affordable installation.

All PILA products, including our largest 15m National and 16m International goal posts, can be stood manually without the need for cranes or machinery on the field or you can opt to use a goal post roller attached to a small vehicle, for maximum efficency. Watch our 15m/10m AFL goal posts being manually stood at the MCG!


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